What You Should Know Before Buying a Colon Cleanser

Constipation even though very common, is a very serious problem.  For many people, constipation is something they have simply learnt to live with. The prevailing thinking is that everyone suffers from this condition every now and then and there are no real adverse consequences so there is no need to worry too much about it.  Is that so?  Did you know that bowel cancer is the second second largest killer here in Australia?

Tradition African Tribes have Low Colorectal Cancer Rate

Did you also know that amongst traditional African tribes, constipation,appendicitis, diverticulitis, polyps and colorectal cancer are virtually unheard of.  Why?  What is it that they are doing which we are not doing that makes us susceptible to developing these debilitating and sometimes fatal health conditions?  Well, lifestyle has a lot to answer for but one thing they do not suffer regularly is constipation!  So maybe constipation prevention could be key to keeping these bowel diseases at bay.

Ignoring constipation over a long period of time has severe consequences.  Chronic constipation is often a symptom of much more insidious bowel problems. If left untreated over a long period of time can progress into chronic bowel dysfunction and the development of autoimmune diseases.  When crippling bowel symptoms arise, they are often signs that bowel diseases could be well-advanced and very difficult if not impossible to reverse.

There are many remedies for constipation on the market, regular use of these remedies for chronic constipation can cause us to develop dependency on them.  That means without medications what is otherwise a very natural process of removing undigested and unabsorbed waste products from the body becomes an out-right impossibility.  That means your bowels cannot function any more without extensive external aids.  While remedies are great to help us swiftly eliminate our discomfort and distress when dealing with constipation, there is no lasting change like lifestyle change that can truly make the difference to our bowel health.  As they say, “A stitch in time saves nine.”  In healthcare, often “prevention is the only cure.”  Most medical treatments seek to relieve us of our symptoms but do not cure the underlying diseases.  Preventing painfully debilitating bowel disease is no exception.  Often the “cure” comes in the form of progressively resecting bits of necrotic or diseased bowel tissue in the attempt to remove the cesspool of rotting mess from the overgrowth of pathogens.  This is an excruciatingly painful exercise that often does not even put an end to the problem, unfortunately.  That is why after each surgery we have to return periodically to get regular colonoscopy just in case the next problem surfaces so our marvellous surgeons can “nip it at the bud” swiftly with the scalpel.

Causes of Constipation

Let’s first look at what actually causes constipation. There are actually a few factors that combine to affect the smooth functioning of your  digestive system.

First and foremost – your diet.  Inappropriate choice of foods can reduce your gut motility and increase your transit time (rate at which food moves through your system).  That means your undigested food matter will stay in the colon way too long and get all the moisture drawn out of it causing the formation of hard dry stools which become difficult to eliminate.  This presents itself as irregular bowel movements, incomplete voiding or sharp stabbing pain with a lot of straining on the toilet.

Secondly, how much fluid are your drinking? Choice of fluid and quantity can create dry hard stools, making defecation difficult.

Thirdly, how much exercise are you having each day?  Exercising regularly promotes peristalsis or the wave-like contractions in your gut leading to healthy movement of food through your digestive system.  Ideally this transit time should not be too fast leading to poor digestion and absorption of food nor too slow leading to constipation.  Although healthy bowel habits can be quite variable, it is still best to aim for a regular effortless bowel movement everyday.  This prevents congestion, sluggish bowel, stagnant putrid food matter from accumulating and bacterial overgrowth leading to chronic mucosal inflammation and sub-optimum digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.

Lastly, how would you rate your emotional state at the moment?  Stress can affect your gut motility, intestinal permeability (which varies with the concentration of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, etc)  and your sensitivity to food.  Chronic stress can also affect your gut micro-flora and decrease your tolerance to certain potentially offensive foods causing new allergies or food intolerances previously non-existent to develop.  Stress affects your bowel health which in-turn regulates your immune system.  Did you know that your bowel health and your immune system are inextricably linked?  In other words, if you have asthma, eczema, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, food intolerances, food allergies or colorectal cancers, they may all have their beginnings in the poor functioning of your bowel and the quality of micro-organism thriving in it.  In fact, there is a whole body of research emerging now that seem to support observation that there seems to be an inverse relationship between these conditions and the microbial diversity in the gut.  In other words, the less diverse the microbial population in the gut and the lower the concentration of good bacteria the more susceptible you are to developing autoimmune diseases, suggesting that these bacteria are regulating your immune system.

Choosing Constipation Remedies

When you choose a colon cleanser or constipation remedy, choose one with natural ingredients or a mild herbal formula. Reduce you dependency on common prescription medicines like Movicol, Coloxyl, lactulose, enemas or suppositories to assist you with bowel movement.  In the elderly, these medicines can also exacerbate dehydration as they draw water from the digestive system to soften the stool to facilitate bowel emptying.  And as you know, the elderly are already at risk of dehydration because of the reduced desire to drink due reduce thirst sensations.  They have to be more dehydrated before they feel thirsty.  Hence, these constipation remedies which inadvertently cause dehydration by drawing water out of their bowel and reducing their volume of body water may actually lead to more constipation in the longer haul.

Also special care must be taken to ensure that you do not unnecessarily cause any imbalance to the bowel micro-biota through over -medicating with antibiotics.  The balance of micro-organisms in your gut is like a self-sustaining and lush tropical rainforest that has evolved over thousands of years. If you were to throw an atom bomb at that rain forest, would you expect it to regrow with the same lush diversity and stability of ecology? Similarly you want to treat your digestive system gently.

Promoting bowel regularity will prevent putrefaction of undigested food matter in your gut and the concurrent growth of pathogens.  This will strengthen your intestinal mucosa and restore optimum intestinal permeability and therefore maintain the integrity of your immune system thus keeping you healthy.

Applying Constipation Remedies

Make sure you read and follow any instructions that come with your colon cleansing product. For example, if it is to be taken with water, be sure you do just that. Do not use other beverages such as soft drinks, juice or tea. In fact, using a colon cleanser without drinking enough water is likely to cause stomach cramps and pain.

Lastly, please seek professional advice from a qualified health professional if you are considering taking a colon cleanser or laxative over a longer period of time. Extended use of these products, even when they are all-natural can create dependency and create a sluggish digestive system that does not work unless aided by medications. The key to better bowel health and immune system is still a healthy balanced lifestyle and a good diet.  For almost 20 years as a dietitian, I have heard many people say that they eat well and cannot see anything they need to change to improve their health.  And almost every diet history I take show glaring gaps in their food choices that leave a lot of room to be desired.  Somehow just because everyone eats everyday, it does not naturally make them experts in the area of food.  Unfortunately, it is one of those things in life where we do not get better at with practice as food choices tend to be dictated by a life time’s entrenched habits.

If you regularly suffer from constipation or are caring for an elderly or sick person who suffers from chronic constipation, the practical self- help tips I have included in this video here will guide you step by step through all the simple lifestyle changes and specific therapeutic foods you can add to your diet together with delicious recipes you can include daily to make constipation a thing of the past.

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Recommended Constipation Remedy

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